The Changing Neighborhood! Sherman Oaks Sunkist Building Project

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IMT Capital, the new owners of the iconic Sunkist Building are proposing a Massive Development and Building project.  They are requesting numerous significant variances to current zoning codes affecting the property.  The large numbers involved in this project are sure to change the character of the surrounding neighborhood.


According to the Notice of Draft Environmental Impact Report

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Sunkist EIR Request

they will be adding:

—359,795 square feet of new construction.
—298 residential units (apartments), over 1,000 new people in 1 block area
—7,241 square feet of Retail/commercial type tenants including restaurants
—Variances to allow for alcohol sales
—1,345 parking spaces on the property

There will be a meeting on

 Tuesday July 15, 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Sunkist Building.  

The intention of this meeting will be to determine the factors that will need to be investigated in the Envronmental Impact Report (parking, traffic, environment, noise, and other factors).


It is important for the neighbors of this project to show up from the beginning.  It is likely that this project will eventually be pushed through in some form but the magnitude of the changes should require significant measures be required of IMT in putting together their plans and in obtaining the necessary variances and permits.  

This Comment form can be used to send your comments into the city

The more involved and vocal the neighborhood is, the more responsive the City of LA and IMT will be in protecting the peace and enjoyment of our neighborhoods.




5 thoughts on “The Changing Neighborhood! Sherman Oaks Sunkist Building Project

  1. Theresa V

    Thanks for putting this together! I won’t miss the meeting, and I emailed the Los Angeles Conservancy to see if they would be interested in advocating for responsible development surrounding this iconic landmark.

  2. Susan Dukow

    Unfortunately, I was unable to make the meeting on Tuesday, but do want to join the actions against what IMT & Sunkist are suggesting for our neighborhood. Please add me to the list of those who are updated and I will begin to also watch the webpage as well.

    Thanks very much for all you are doing.

    Susan Dukow
    Tilden Avenue

  3. JL

    Thanks for the flyer! I know several of my neighbors went because of the flyer. Otherwise they would not have known.

  4. Connie Raines

    I will do everything in my power to stop this monstrosity from being put up in our nice, quaint neighborhood that is already over populated. People want to move to Sherman Oaks because it has these qualities, nice, family oriented, and by putting this massive apartment complex in this area will sure remove these qualities. Adding more and more apartments, slapping up tall walls, there is no more quaintness, no more sky to view, you cannot even see the tops of trees anymore because developers are building more and more and taller and taller. Horrible, terrible, and with absolutely NO NO NO regard for the people who live there already. You want to add 1000’s of more people, MORE cars, MORE traffic, and just the kind of atmosphere that is unwelcome in our neighborhood. ALSO, I bet most of you who are not thinking about it haven’t thought of the reality that our PROPERTY VALUES WILL DECREASE immensely because of the over population and just crappy, terrible, generic looking apartment buildings. Shameful, and greed is just rampant. This developer is just greedy and wants to slap up apartment building after ugly apartment building. Terrible, deplorable, and I will do everything in my power to stop it!!! Very insulted and very angry. I have a say in what happens in my neighborhood and you will hear more from me!


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