The Dog and Pony Show – Tuesday 7/15/14 – Sunkist Sherman Oaks

Thank you to all who attended the “Open House” Scoping meeting.  It was a lively discussion with some great ideas discussed and exchanged.  Unfortunately, it was a pretty one sided exchange.  IMT and their hired guns puffed up the project and told us how good it would be while our city representatives hid in the background.

The idea of this meeting was for IMT to officially unveil their pretty pictures and diagrams.  We are now supposed to take the information we gleaned from this event to submit written comments and concerns to the city.  The city will then use this information to design the Environmental Impact Report to cover the concerns of the neighbors.  The EIR is paid for and commissioned by IMT.  Therefore it is up to us to monitor the EIR and work it to produce results that most accurately reflect the situation.

I believe the most troubling single piece of information about the EIR today was the way in which the traffic will be surveyed.  An EIR will aim to measure “Normal” situations.  It is not required to take into account the highs and lows of traffic.  As any neighbor knows, traffic around the mall during certain holidays creates incredibly different stress on the streets than a “normal mid day” flow.

Also Troubling to me is the idea that with the 101 Freeway to one side and a residential neighborhood to the another this property only has 2 streets to accommodate ingress and egress.  One of those streets, Hazeltine, is already overburdened with traffic in and out of the Westfield Fashion Square Mall.  This will dump most of the traffic onto Riverside Drive.

Another amazing thing contained In the Initial Study section XIII A … the project will  (Induce substantial population growth in an area either directly (for example, by proposing new homes and businesses) or indirectly (for example, through extension of roads or other infrastructure)? Will have a LESS THAN SIGNIFICANT IMPACT.  This is simply not possible.  They are proposing adding almost 300 residences which will accommodate 500-900 residents in an already congested area.  I guess if they figure that we are already at critical mass it will not matter than it makes sense.  Othewise, any thinking individual will realize that this is a huge influx of people living in a small area and that will indeed have an impact.  This is one of the major points that will need to be brought out in our written comments.


We have many groups that want to work on this oppostion.  We need to coordinate these groups to work together.  It is my opinion that we need to keep these groups putting forth separate efforts so that the opposition does not get diminished into one voice.  Many voices will work to garner more attention.  But the strength will come from our combined knowledge to do  the best things for our efforts.

We will be organizing several meetings in the next few weeks.  I will put these meetings up on this website.


2 thoughts on “The Dog and Pony Show – Tuesday 7/15/14 – Sunkist Sherman Oaks

  1. Susan Dukow

    Have not seen any other sample letters, so since time is running out I am copying and pasting my letter in the event it may help inspire others to write one of their own. Please don’t worry about putting anything more than your sincerest feelings about the project. In a case like this, the number of homeowners who act is critical at this time! Please do not be shy!!! Here is the email address to send your letter in addition to mailing is: Here’s my letter. PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING OF YOUR OWN!

    SUSAN DUKOW 4837 Tilden Avenue . Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 . 818 789-2977

    July 25th 2014

    Sara Molina-Pearson
    City Planning Associate
    Department of City Planning, City of Los Angeles
    200 N. Spring Street, Room #750
    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    RE: ICON Sherman Oaks
    Case No. ENG-2014-1362-EIR
    Project Location: 14130 & 14154 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

    Dear Ms. Molina-Pearson:

    Thank you for your consideration of what I have written below. I am a 64-year-old retired single woman and 33 year homeowner on 4800 block of Tilden Avenue, one block east of Van Nuys Boulevard and Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.

    The proposed project by IMT of the Sunkist Property on Riverside Drive and Hazeltine Avenue disturbs me at best, not so much in its design and zoning which I understand many of my neighbors are concerned with, but maintaining the quality of our lives with what the project would mean to the surrounding neighborhoods.

    For one moment, let’s not even consider the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood and look at what living in Southern California means to all of us who currently reside here with the lack of water and the drought we are in. We are at a point in Los Angeles where mandatory water rationing is already in affect – with Valley Areas even more impacted by the heat and subsequent dryness.

    Every time I drive past yet another apartment building rising, I can’t help but think of how many more people will need to share the little water we already have. What are our political representatives who support developers like IMT thinking? One thing that seems pretty obvious is that they are not thinking – about drought and what will happen to their constituents, themselves and their families who may not be able to even flush their own and already existing toilets sometime soon. This is not a joke and neither can we continue to hide our heads as to what is happening.

    I don’t want to go on and on in my letter. Sometimes less is more and in my case suffice it to say that I am totally against bringing any more people to live in this delicate area of the San Fernando Valley. Freeway emissions already impact our neighborhood, but in all fairness we knew that when we purchased our homes so close to the freeway, but bringing more people will mean an increase of traffic, more emissions in the way of destruction of our eco system and quality of air, noise, obvious crime where there are more people, congestion and the over all destruction of what makes our neighborhood such a desirable place to live in the first place.

    We must try to stop major corporations like IMT and those who support their big business. There appears to be little regard from the politicians regarding their constituents who simply stated – voted them into their jobs – to represent the people, not corporations like IMT who are lining their political pockets. We pay them their salaries these representatives… yes, we the taxpayers.

    With this letter, I implore everyone involved to please consider what we are doing not only in our beloved Sherman Oaks, but to the quality of all our lives as we just keep thinking bigger is better.

    Again, thank you for your consideration of my heart-felt thoughts on the matter of the expansion of the Sunkist Building Property by IMT.

    Very sincerely yours,

    Susan Dukow


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