LA Daily News and LA Curbed mention Sunkist Building Expansion

Sherman Oaks Sunkist Building Expansion. As we near the deadline for comments on the Draft EIR Scoping we got a good mention in both the LA DAILY NEWS and CURBED LA. It seems that both articles understand the scope of this project and shed a reasonable light.  Unfortunately the Daily News used a quote “The attorney Armbruster states Armbruster said all the proposals being made for the property are consistent with city zoning codes.”  This is factually incorrect as they are asking for at least 5 major zoning changes to build this project. This is the basis for the EIR and is clearly covered in the Initial Study and Notice of EIR.

I have notified them and I trust that they will address the factual inaccuracies.

That being said they both referenced our website: .  This has created a huge bump in our traffic and I am sure will help to better inform our community.


2 thoughts on “LA Daily News and LA Curbed mention Sunkist Building Expansion

  1. Caitlin Silver

    I for one, hate this massive plan. It’s overkill. I live only blocks from the mall and it’s already horrible just to go shopping there with very poor flow of traffic. This project will devastate the wonderful quaintness of the surrounding neighborhoods, crowding as many people as possible into as little space as they can for THEIR profit. F–k the city if they allow this. Not that I am under any misconception that they give a damn about the homeowners here and our quality of life. I will not patronize these businesses out of pure protest to the developer’s greed and selfishness.

  2. anne Friel

    The project is being reviewed by the neighborhood council’s land use committee on October 8 at the Sherman Oaks Library – 6:30 to 8


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