PreserveLA Draft Environmental Impact Report Seminar

Thank you to all who attended the meeting on September 8, 2016.  We filled the room with concerned neighbors who had good legitimate questions.  Dr. Williams Guided us thru how these reports are structured, how to read them, and how best to respond so our comments will have weight.

Dr. Williams pointed out the particular difficulties of how this report is structured.  Because this report is so weighty, both in content and bulk it will be most effective for each of us to pick out several sections that are of particular concern to us individually.  Trying to tackle the whole report is an overwhelming task that probably result in frustration.  If we all do our small part and get it turned in to the city we will make a good impact together.

With the deadline extension until September 27, 2016 we have a fair chance to put together our comments.

I will  be posting links to an outline of this presentation.  Dr. Williams has offered his expertise via email for any questions you may have <> .

Your comments can go to SOHA, Or SONC, or our council person to help increase the impact, but Ultimately for them to be official they will need to go to the city department:

Ms. Sarah Molina-Pearson,  City of Los Angeles, Department of City Planning, 200 North Spring Street, Room 750, Los Angeles, CA 90012    213-473-9983

A big thank you to Jay Beeber and PreserveLA for sponsoring and organizing this event.  I hope to personally continue working with him and his orgnaization to effect the changes in this project and other city concerns as well.  Keep looking at this website for continuing updates.

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