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IMT Project Sherman Oaks – Traffic Study

IMT Sherman Oaks Project – Traffic Study Update

Our Sunkist Project committee, along with involved neighbors, continues to meet with IMT (the Sunkist project’s new owner/developers) IMT Sherman Oaks Project as well as with our Councilmember Ryu’s Planning staff.  It appears some progress is being made at revising the design to be more compatible with our neighborhood—but we have a ways to go!  IMT has listened to our concerns and is considering beneficial revisions.

Our goal is to sufficiently mitigate the significant negative impacts this huge development will bring—so that we end up with a development that BENEFITS our community and our quality of life here in Sherman Oaks, rather than detracts from it!    

Soon, we will be meeting with IMT’s Traffic Study creators.  We have significant concerns about the methods used to create the study, and we’re concerned the study’s conclusions are flawed and thereby underestimate the actual traffic impacts the project will bring.  IMT has been conducting their own community outreach and are representing to neighbors that our community should have no concerns about this project.  However, we have studied the proposed project’s plans in depth and we feel differently!  Through meetings with our neighbors, we know that our concerns are also of concern to a large majority of Councilmember Ryu’s Sherman Oaks constituents, especially in areas closer to the Sunkist site. However, without the benefit of proper studies conducted (and corresponding mitigation measures employed), a development this massive will affect nearly all of Sherman Oaks. Continue reading

IMT Project Sherman Oaks moving forward

The IMT Project Sherman Oaks  (formerly known as Sunkist) continues to meet with representatives of IMT as well as Councilman Ryus’ representatives to work towards solutions that will make this an asset to our community.  We met recently with the Architects to speak about our concerns regarding the Mass of the buildings and measures that could be taken to make it look more like the surrounding areas and fit in with the neighborhood.


IMT was receptive to ideas presented increasing open space that would be visible and accessible to the public as well as ideas to move the building back away from the street to create a street life to bring life to the area.  Ideas were discussed with the architect to improve traffic flow around the property and ingress and egress to the complex.

We have an upcoming meeting with the traffic engineers but some issues were covered in this meeting regarding parking on the property as well as parking in adjacent neighborhoods.


Mitigations can taken to lessen the impact of the project during construction as well as after construction is completed.  The traffic study that was done for the DEIR – IMT Sherman Oaks Project is erroneous and insufficient to illustrate and investigate proper mitigations of Traffic Impacts.

Increased Traffic and parking problems are the number 1 concern of the Sherman Oaks community at large.  The already failing traffic patterns in the area will not be helped by the additional 4,000 car trips per day generated by this project.  The traffic study was done at times that the traffic related to the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square was at its lowest predictable time, the time of day, the days of the week and the time of the month were all such that it generated very low impacts on the surrounding streets of the mall as well as the subject property.

SOHA and other neighbors are insistent that IMT Project Sherman Oaks modify the DEIR with an amended traffic study and proper mitigations.


-So far, IMT seems very resistant to the idea of investigating what can be done to make the project have less negative impact on the community.  Without this the already failing traffic patterns will become completely unbearable and unfixable forever.  This is our chance to impact our quality of life.

We will continue to work towards workable permanent solutions to make this project an asset to our community.




IMT, owner of IMT Sherman Oaks Project sells the IMT Sherman Village and Renames as the Ashton Sherman Oaks

The owner of the IMT Sherman Oaks Project sells another local property.

IMT Sherman Oaks Project Sells IMT Sherman Village

IMT Sherman Oaks Project owner sells neighboring Proerty Ashton Village

IMT sold 2 of it’s projects in the community to out of state investors.  This puts into serious question the sincerity of the company to be a good neighbor.  In their slick promotional video IMT talks about wanting to make “their” community a better place.  But by these actions it seems that their real end game is merely to develop as much as they can and profit as much as they can at any cost to the neighbors.  The unique Brutalist Architecture of the Sunkist Building is going to be completely obscured by the monolithic mass density of the proposed building which sits mere feet from the street.

SFVBJ reports on the transaction.


IMT Sherman Oaks Project Update February 2017

Last week, SOHA met with two principle owners of IMT to discuss the community’s concerns with IMT’s current proposal for the Sunkist ICON project or as their website calls it, IMT Sherman Oaks Project, which would require numerous zone changes and amendments to the city general plan. Due to the exemptions IMT is seeking, Sherman Oaks, through SOHA and our representative David Ryu, has input into what is actually developed.  The main concerns are a significant increase in Traffic, dysfunctional Parking, vastly out- of-character Density, Poor Aesthetics and a huge negative impact on our infrastructure ie: utilities, police, fire, roads etc.  While IMT’s reps noted the current plan does incorporate SOME mitigations to our community concerns (and we acknowledged these changes are appreciated); however,  there still remain great concerns that as currently designed, this project will NOT be a positive asset to our neighborhood.  Further meetings with IMT’s architects and those who will be planning traffic mitigations will be held to determine what can be done. In addition, we stated that the current Draft EIR insufficiently addresses many of the true environmental concerns, in particular the massive increase in traffic that will undoubtedly occur . We are hopeful that IMT will make the IMT Sherman Oaks Project a good neighbor and address these concerns in good faith, taking action to facilitate an acceptable solution in building a development that benefits, not harms, Sherman Oaks.