PreserveLA Draft Environmental Impact Report Seminar

Thank you to all who attended the meeting on September 8, 2016.  We filled the room with concerned neighbors who had good legitimate questions.  Dr. Williams Guided us thru how these reports are structured, how to read them, and how best to respond so our comments will have weight.

Dr. Williams pointed out the particular difficulties of how this report is structured.  Because this report is so weighty, both in content and bulk it will be most effective for each of us to pick out several sections that are of particular concern to us individually.  Trying to tackle the whole report is an overwhelming task that probably result in frustration.  If we all do our small part and get it turned in to the city we will make a good impact together.

With the deadline extension until September 27, 2016 we have a fair chance to put together our comments.

I will  be posting links to an outline of this presentation.  Dr. Williams has offered his expertise via email for any questions you may have <> .

Your comments can go to SOHA, Or SONC, or our council person to help increase the impact, but Ultimately for them to be official they will need to go to the city department:

Ms. Sarah Molina-Pearson,  City of Los Angeles, Department of City Planning, 200 North Spring Street, Room 750, Los Angeles, CA 90012    213-473-9983

A big thank you to Jay Beeber and PreserveLA for sponsoring and organizing this event.  I hope to personally continue working with him and his orgnaization to effect the changes in this project and other city concerns as well.  Keep looking at this website for continuing updates.

September 8 2016 Meeting

The Deadline for submitting comments regarding the Draft EIR has been changed from the original September 10 until September 27.  This will give us all enough time to prepare our comments after this meeting. Please make it if you can!

Sunkist Building Expansion

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) Workshop, It’s not a foregone conclusion!!



Attendees will learn to write and easily submit to LA City Planning effective comments on DEIRs for development projects such as the ICON Sherman Oaks mega- development.

WHEN:       SEPT. 8TH, 6:30-8:30 PM



RSVP:         REQUIRED PLEASE EMAIL JAY BEEBER if you intend to attend


The Draft EIR has been completed and is available for review and comment.  This is the communities opportunity to shape this progress to be an asset rather than an eyesore.


See the neighbors notification at:

See the complete Draft EIR at:

Draft EIR Link:


For More general information about the project go to:

or Email

We need help publicizing this meeting so do whatever you can to get the word out, Email, call, text or even personally visit your neighbors…..or if you are ambitious this flyer can be duplicated for handing out door to door. Just let me know if you are able to help in an way.


Workshop is Paid for by Coalition 2PreserveLA
Sponsored by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, 10940 Wilshire  Boulevard, Suite 2000, Los Angeles, CA 90024 Additional information available at



Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council Lambasts IMT Icon Project on Sunkist

The IMT, ICON Project Dog and Pony Show made another stop – with different results!

Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC), Land Use Committee Meeting 10/8/2014  (October 8, 2014)

Members of the Committe Ronald Ziff – Chair, Alicia Bartley, Tom Capps, Jackie Diamond, Art Fields, Jeff Kalban, Mikie Maloney, Rick Mayer, Sue Steinberg

The IMT, ICON Project Dog and Pony Show made another stop – with different results!

The representatives of IMT were out again in an attempt to demonstrate what a wonderful project they are proposing on the Sunkist Building Site. About 100 people showed to participate in the democratic process.  The pretty renderings came out and the spin doctors did their best to whitewash the effects of the project.

IMT spent about 20 minutes presenting the project and then the public was allowed about 2 minutes each to express their opinions, concerns and thoughts about the project.  About 25 people spoke in total.  Only 1 person had positive comments.

The energized public brought up a wide range of concerns including traffic, parking, density, safety, water usage, waste disposal, construction concerns, height, historical destruction, aesthetics, setbacks, pedestrian access and not the least of which destruction of open space.  (all of these concerns are outlined clearly in other posts on this site).

It was then time for the committee to direct questions Continue reading

LA Daily News and LA Curbed mention Sunkist Building Expansion

Sherman Oaks Sunkist Building Expansion. As we near the deadline for comments on the Draft EIR Scoping we got a good mention in both the LA DAILY NEWS and CURBED LA. It seems that both articles understand the scope of this project and shed a reasonable light.  Unfortunately the Daily News used a quote “The attorney Armbruster states Armbruster said all the proposals being made for the property are consistent with city zoning codes.”  This is factually incorrect as they are asking for at least 5 major zoning changes to build this project. This is the basis for the EIR and is clearly covered in the Initial Study and Notice of EIR.

I have notified them and I trust that they will address the factual inaccuracies.

That being said they both referenced our website: .  This has created a huge bump in our traffic and I am sure will help to better inform our community.


Il Villaggio Toscano Project – The Sunkist Project unidentical Twin

David Paul Associates is pushing thru the development of land on Sepulveda Boulevard near Ventura Boulevard near the Sherman Oaks Galleria.  It is similar to the one proposed for the Sunkist Property in many ways.  In August of 2008 the city council voted to approve the project.

On October 3, 2013 Sherman Oaks Residents for a Safe Environment (SORCE) filed a lawsuit against IVT in Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No. BS145096.


The Dog and Pony Show – Tuesday 7/15/14 – Sunkist Sherman Oaks

Thank you to all who attended the “Open House” Scoping meeting.  It was a lively discussion with some great ideas discussed and exchanged.  Unfortunately, it was a pretty one sided exchange.  IMT and their hired guns puffed up the project and told us how good it would be while our city representatives hid in the background.

The idea of this meeting was for IMT to officially unveil their pretty pictures and diagrams.  We are now supposed to take the information we gleaned from this event to submit written comments and concerns to the city.  The city will then use this information to design the Environmental Impact Report to cover the concerns of the neighbors.  The EIR is paid for and commissioned by IMT.  Therefore it is up to us to monitor the EIR and work it to produce results that most accurately reflect the situation.

I believe the most troubling single piece of information about the EIR today was the way in which the traffic will be surveyed.  An EIR will aim to measure “Normal” situations.  It is not required to take into account the highs and lows of traffic.  As any neighbor knows, traffic around the mall during certain holidays creates incredibly different stress on the streets than a “normal mid day” flow.

Also Troubling to me is the idea that with the 101 Freeway to one side and a residential neighborhood to the another this property only has 2 streets to accommodate ingress and egress.  One of those streets, Hazeltine, is already overburdened with traffic in and out of the Westfield Fashion Square Mall.  This will dump most of the traffic onto Riverside Drive.

Another amazing thing contained In the Initial Study section XIII A … the project will  (Induce substantial population growth in an area either directly (for example, by proposing new homes and businesses) or indirectly (for example, through extension of roads or other infrastructure)? Will have a LESS THAN SIGNIFICANT IMPACT.  This is simply not possible.  They are proposing adding almost 300 residences which will accommodate 500-900 residents in an already congested area.  I guess if they figure that we are already at critical mass it will not matter than it makes sense.  Othewise, any thinking individual will realize that this is a huge influx of people living in a small area and that will indeed have an impact.  This is one of the major points that will need to be brought out in our written comments.


We have many groups that want to work on this oppostion.  We need to coordinate these groups to work together.  It is my opinion that we need to keep these groups putting forth separate efforts so that the opposition does not get diminished into one voice.  Many voices will work to garner more attention.  But the strength will come from our combined knowledge to do  the best things for our efforts.

We will be organizing several meetings in the next few weeks.  I will put these meetings up on this website.


The Changing Neighborhood! Sherman Oaks Sunkist Building Project

Sunkist front edited posterize small stretchcropped-Sunkist-front-edited-posterize-small3.jpg

IMT Capital, the new owners of the iconic Sunkist Building are proposing a Massive Development and Building project.  They are requesting numerous significant variances to current zoning codes affecting the property.  The large numbers involved in this project are sure to change the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

Continue reading