“The Players” of Sunkist Construction Project

There are going to be many people, companies, groups and organizations involved in this “process”.  This page will outline the groups and their stances as I understand them.  I will gladly have a conversation with anybody to ensure that views and stances are accurately reflected here:

IMT – the owner and developer of the Sunkist Building Project

>>>>>Of course they are completely for this project and will do everything and anything they can to get it approved.

Councilman Tom Labonge

>>>>>>By all reports Councilman Labonge is for this development although I was unable to find any recent comments attributed to him.  The most recent was from March of 2013 before IMT’s full plans were made public.

Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association (SOHA)

>>>>>>SOHA has formed a committee addressing the Sunkist Project.  They have concluded and made known their opposition to the project.

Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC)

>>>>>>On good authority I understand that the neighborhood council is not for this project in its current design.


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